The stunning country of Colombia is known for its lush tropical landscapes, quality coffee, fun fiestas, species of birds and of course, ancient wonders. If you are thinking of visiting Colombia any time soon, you certainly won't be bored - or run out of things to do. If you have been looking for some inspiration on which ancient wonders to add to your list, allow us to help. Here are 5 that we think you'll want to experience…
Over 600 years older than Machu Pichu, Ciudad Perdida, 'The Lost City', became a well-known attraction after being discovered in the 1970s. Within the jungle of Colombia's Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains, adventurous visitors can opt to trek a trail that will lead them to the sacred destination. But be warned: the trek certainly isn't easy! You can expect high levels of humidity, various creepy crawlies and river crossings. While this archaeological site is certainly popular amongst tourists and well worth the trek, there are many additional ancient wonders in Colombia that must also be visited.
In the central Colombian department of Huila, you'll find the Tatacoa Desert. Perfect for a 2-3-day trip, you can start by exploring the desert by bike or tuk-tuk, before taking in the views of the beautiful landscapes and stargazing. To make the most of your trip here, why not choose to stay in one of the many hotels or hostels that are available? That way, you don't have to worry about having to travel to your next destination for a few days.
This World Heritage archaeological site is located in the Andean mountains. Here, you will be able to find fascinating underground hypogea - ancient tombs or temples - which feature remarkable paintings and carvings.
This must-visit archaeological park can be found near the city of Facatativa, and is popular due to the fact that it used to be the shore of a lake that was used by Musica rulers as a refuge throughout the conquest. Today, the rocks feature pictographs that were made by artists.
An additional World Heritage Site, San Agustin Archaeological Park is well-known for being a large necropolis. When you visit this site in Colombia, you can witness both religious monuments and megalithic sculptures. The statues are certainly impressive. To make your trip even more memorable, why not start it in style with private jet rental to Colombia? While you sit back and relax on board, you can start creating your final must-do list!